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Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea
6x16 Bag each

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Yogi Lemon Ginger Tea 6x16 Bag each

Qty: 6x16 BAG

Weight (lbs): 20.85

UPC: 0076950450172

Manufacturer: Yogi


For me, Stash's Lemon Ginger tea is far superior to this one. As a yogi, I am predisposed to like Yogi teas simply because of their name and the pithy sayings on their tea bag strings. Unfortunately, I often find their teas taste medicinal. The Stash tea is soothing, and perky at the same time. There's also a purity to the flavors that is adulterated in the Yogi tea version, as I believe they add more ingredients.
It may be that my taste has changed, but the ginger doesn't seem to have enough flavor in this tea, though when I first purchased locally, it seemed to be. Not sure if Yogi has changed the formula or my taste has changed, but it needs more ginger for me.
This Lemon Ginger Tea from Yogi Tea is for easing occasional indigestion and gas, and for enhancing circulation. It's a delightful, all natural tea made from ginger root, lemon grass, lemon peel, licorice root, black pepper, peppermint leaf, natural lemon flavor, ascorbic acid, and natural licorice flavor. Most of the ingredients are organic. The taste is lemony, peppery, slightly herby and a little sweet, very nice anytime, but especially after a meal. It's a very unique tea that is a true treat.This is my second Yogi Tea to taste and review, and I am definitely impressed with the tea and the company. Lemon Ginger Tea comes with an expiration date (a good thing, because it's not full of preservatives, plus you can tell if it is fresh). Yogi Tea seems to be another company (like Numi, Aspen, Traditional Medicinals) that values sustainable and healthy practices. Their web site has a helpful glossary of tea ingredients and is beautifully designed, with info about each tea they make.Yogi Tea writes this on the box about the tea's benefits: "Lemon Ginger tea is a special healing formula designed to aid digestion, ease upset stomach and provide a caffeine-free pick-me-up. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) has been used for centuries to treat minor stomach ailments, warm the metabolism and reduce nausea associated with motion. Ayurvedic practitioners have historically regarded Ginger as the "universal medicine" because of the way it catalyzes the benefits of other medicinal herbs. The World Health Organization (1999) reports that Ginger stimulates the appetite and can be useful in a wide variety of stomach complaints. Made with Organic Ginger, this blend is formulated to boost digestion and circulation.
I dearly love the taste and smell of this delicious tea. Spicy/sweet/tangy, it is a comforting friend when I am working nights or studying but cannot consume anymore caffeine. Currently I purchase this item by the case, it is a healthful drink and I don't let my cupboard run out. Recommend.
Taste good, but if you like a strong and spicy flavor, Yogi Ginger tea is your right pick. This one tastes a bit sweet and not so much ginger.
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