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Yogi Green Kombucha Decaf Tea
6x16 Bag each

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Yogi Green Kombucha Decaf Tea 6x16 Bag each

Qty: 6x16 BAG

Weight (lbs): 20.85

UPC: 0076950450370

Manufacturer: Yogi


A great tasting alkaline decaf tea which should be used by everybody that suffers from acid reflux or GERD. I use one bag and make a pot in my Cuisinart coffee pot. Get off the coffee and caffeine kick and get well.
This Organic Green Tea Kombucha Decaf from Yogi Tea is certainly unique. It tastes like a mixture of passion fruit, plum, ginger, and green tea. It is mild, and not bitter at all, even when you leave the tea bag in the whole time you drink the tea, as I do. Best of all, it is an easy, convenient way of benefiting from Kombucha, if you don't grow your own (and I don't anymore, as it is not easy or convenient for me). I have never before obtained my Kombucha from a tea; this is a tasty way to do so.
This is my favorite decaf green tea. It's really delightful and I especially enjoy a cup after dinner in the evening. It's wonderful for the digestion and the flavor is lovely.
I drink this daily - I mix it with a regular green tea that I brew all night and then make ice tea in the morning. This tea is perfect for ice tea. My sister says that it is the only tea that soothes her sore throat when she is sick. This tea definitely has a unique flavor -you will either love it or hate it. I love it. I also love all the health benefits of Kombucha. This will be a tea that I drink for the rest of my life!
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