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Weeping Willow Bonsai (salix repens 'boyd's pendula') - 6 Years

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Weeping Willow Bonsai - 6 Yrs Old

This deciduous bonsai is native to China. Being one of the most popular Bonsai, its variations are easily available throughout United States. It is tolerant to partial sun, but loves outdoor full sun, which maximizes its growth. It Grows very fast and is easy to grow in any garden soil. Avoid the bonsai from getting dry, keep the soil moist but well drained. The loosely hanging, curved branches grow towards the ground. Its foliage is green and silky in texture. During mid- Spring Catkins are all over the tree and it blooms before the leaves emerge. Birdlife build their homes behind the hanging curtain of its leaves.

It’s a beautiful art piece for any Bonsai beginner!


  • 6 Years Old
  • 6 Inches Tall
  • Biological Name: Salix Repens 'Boyd's Pendula'

May be shipped with no foliage during autumn and winter

Please note: During winters shipping of tender trees may have to be temporally delayed due to cold temperatures either in originating or its final destination. Tender trees subject to low, overnight temperatures below 30 degrees during transit may freeze and this may adversely impact the health of the tree. We will send a shipping notice once it is in transit so you know when to expect it

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Beautul tree very pleased
5 stars for this tree, shipping speed and packaging. The soil was wet when I opened the package which means the shipping protected the plant and the pot very well.
Came in with healthy leaves, roots and plenty of room to grow. It was well trimmed and in great shape. Good buy.
Please know that this does not come with a drainage tray so buy one if you are planning to buy this plant. Happy with the tree not so happy with the pot, although it is decent size and I will not be replacing it anytime soon.
This is my fifth tree, I have killed 3 trees before, however I think I am not much better with taking good care especially when it comes to helping them survice through the weather. This one just arrived, looks great so will see how this adapts to the new place.
The tree arrived in reasonable condition. I am impressed with that a well trained tree was sold at this inexpensive price. The soil quality is above average and retains water well for the tree.
I have always wanted a bonsai but was not sure if buying online was a great idea. I untimately did end up buying this tree here and I am completely satisfied with my purchase. The tree came in healthy with vibrant leaves, the soil was still wet and there were no signs of wilting or damage to the tree. The pot is beautiful and intact. I am happy this is adding a lot of aesthetic appeal to my space
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