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Soda Poptop Bag Handmade - Black Beauty

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Soda Pop-Top Bag - Handmade, ‘Black Beauty’

An exemplary example of ‘Waste to ‘Wealth’. This fashionable pop-top shoulder bag is an impeccable creation of our skilled Mexican artisans. With the ability to reuse wasted inner tire tubes and recycle aluminium soda pop-tops, the artisans have transformed waste into an extraordinary fashion accessory. Pop-Tops are handwoven with black thread giving a black stripe design and metallic texture to the versatile handbag. Recycled aluminium pull tabs reflect light adding shimmer and style to the ‘Black Beauty’. The bag has an attractive buckle and a magnetic stud under it for safe closure.

Product Features:

  • The bags is approximately 9 inches square in shape 
  • It has 44 inch long shoulder strap


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