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Tazo Tea Vanilla Apricot White Tea
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Tazo Tea Vanilla Apricot White Tea

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All Natural Vanilla Apricot White Tea Is A Delicate Tea With Notions Of Fresh Apricot And Tahitian Vanilla. Tazo All Natural Vanilla Apricot White Tea Mixes Prized Chinese Tea Buds Plucked In The Splendor Of Their Youth, Alluring Hints Of Creamy Tahi.

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I took a chance in ordering this tea (6 boxes!), but I am really glad I did. I drink a lot of iced tea, and have found that brewing this double strength and pouring it over ice makes a great iced tea. I was looking for a lower caffeine tea that still offered flavor, and this vanilla apricot tea fit the bill. I usually drink it unsweetened. It's my go-to flavored tea, especially in the afternoon and evening. Because I live in a small town, my options for tea purchases are limited to whatever the grocery store or Wal-Mart stocks. Thank God I can order tea from Green n Brown!

Note: The package appears to have been redesigned and you may also see this tea as "Apricot Vanilla Creme." I've purchased it before and after the redesign, and as far as I can tell, they are the same product. I honestly don't know what possessed me to buy this tea as I am normally not a fan of vanilla flavorings in tea (bought the Twinings black tea with vanilla once and didn't like it much). Perhaps I thought the apricot flavor would offset the vanilla? At any rate, I actually do like this tea quite a bit and have purchased it several more times. The levels/amounts of apricot and vanilla flavoring really work well together here; I'd say the apricot was quite a bit stronger than the vanilla. Honestly, the apricot flavor is stronger than the white tea flavor, but a lot of white teas are quite light anyway. The brewed tea has a nice aroma and a lovely light brown color. It's also a good choice for after lunch, if you've eaten something with strong flavors/odors and don't have a toothbrush handy. I usually have a box in one of my desk drawers at work. I only drink it hot, with no milk or sweetener -- I don't think it needs either, although I can see it working with both, if that's your preference. I generally leave the tea bag in the water for quite a long time, but this is one of those teas that works well with either a long or a short steeping time (doesn't get bitter). The tea bags come individually sealed in foil-lined packets so they stay fresh. The reason I took off one star is there is something almost artificial about the product. The ingredients are "white tea and natural flavors." If you look at the bag, it's pretty much ALL tea leaves (e.g., no little pieces of fruit like you see in some other teas).

I really enjoy this new white tea from Tazo. It's a subtle and gentle white tea with subdued flavor, which is how I like my white tea. The apricot flavoring is pretty strong, but apricot is appealing to me, so I don't mind. The vanilla is noticeable as well, but secondary to the apricot. There is nothing not to like in this tea; my only criticism (and the reason for only four stars) is that I can tell that it is "flavored" instead of having real ingredients. Still, it's a fine tea, and one of Tazo's better teas at that. I ordered the six pack and am sure that I will use it over the next few months, and probably order more. Other people who aren't so fussy about their tea really love it---it's different and enjoyable!

This one of my favorite teas and was so disappointed that I couldn't find it after moving from a large city to a small town. So glad that we found it here Getting 6 boxes a once was even better. Recieved it very quickly in perfect condition. The picture that is suppose to show the tea is not at all what it looks like. The picture is for some kind of pie filling. Please change that!

Very mellow white tea with a pleasant aroma. For those looking to get into tea white tea is great starting place to develop a taste for tea; I've gotten my 8 year old to take a cup of tea over hot chocolate with this flavor (awesome for cutting down sugar intake). Excellent for unwinding. Hard to find in stores around where I live.
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