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Stash Tea Green Chai Premium Tea
6x20 CT Each

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Stash Tea Green Chai Premium Tea 6x20 CT Each

Qty: 6x20 CT

Weight (lbs): 15.22

UPC: 0077652082524

Manufacturer: Stash Tea

Speciality Info: Kosher


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After trying about 30 different brands of Green Tea, I have found this to be the best tasting. This Green Tea is a blend of Japanese Green Teas, which are more robust and flavourful than typical Chinese Greens. The only Green Tea I've tasted that compares is straight Yama Moto Yama from Japan. I believe Yama Moto Yama is also in the Stash blend. As far as Green Teas go, this blend is among the naturally sweetest and has no bitterness... unless you overcook it. The trick I have found to getting the best flavour from Green Teas is not using too high a temperature to steep it. Steep at a lower temp (170F-180F) for a longer time which will result in a tea that is actually green in colour, not brown or gold. Also, this tea tastes best as is, don't put any sweeteners in it like sugar or honey. If you are addicted to sugar, ween yourself off of it and enjoy the great flavour of this premier Green Tea.Of course, Green Tea is incredibly healthy, rich in anti-oxidants and relaxing theanine, is not harmfully acidic like coffee and there is also one quarter the amount of caffiene than in coffee - easier to brew too!The price is quite reasonable considering the quality of tea you are getting. Better yet, buy it in bulk for great savings.If you want to be even healthier, Stash also sells their Premium Green Tea in organic form for only a few more pennies per bag. Enjoy and be healthy!
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