PonyTail Palm Bonsai Tree (Beaucamea Recurvata) 29 Yrs


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Pony Tail Palm Bonsai (Beaucamea Recurvata) 29 Years

Ponytail Palm is also commonly known as Elephant Foot Palm! It originates from dry areas of Mexico. The distinctive feature of this bonsai is its bloated, swollen, thick brown scaly trunk, which acts as a water store for the plant. Ponytail bonsai can go upto four weeks with no water and still survive the dry spell. The extraordinary thick stem is compared to an elephant's foot and hence the name.This unique attribute of the tree makes it outstanding in the bonsai world. The long curly, flowy green leaves grow atop the tree trunk making it look like a pony's tail. This unique bonsai is a hardy, it quickly and easily adapts to its lighting conditions. It does not need direct sunlight and can grown gradually in partial shade. An easy to care for bonsai, it is ideal for home, office or just anywhere.


  • Age: 29 Years Old
  • Dimensions: 27" x 30" x 29" tall
  • Biological Name: Beaucamea recurvata

Please note: During winters shipping of tender trees may have to be temporally delayed due to cold temperatures either in originating or its final destination. Tender trees subject to low, overnight temperatures below 30 degrees during transit may freeze and this may adversely impact the health of the tree. We will send a shipping notice once it is in transit so you know when to expect it

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Came in a blue pot, looks beautiful. The pot has a hole in the bottom so it does need a plate under it to contain the water that comes out at the bottom. I have added a few rocks to the pot and to the plate underneath to decorate it and it looks stunning

This bonsai is much bigger than in the picture. Bought this for my office, looks awesome. Have been a conversation subject for my colleagues everytime they come by my desk.

I sometimes forget and miss watering this plant for days but it is quite hardy and does not show signs of stress. The pot anyway is small and does not hold a lot of water for the plant.

I was impressed with how thoroughly and carefully this plant was packaged. The plant came with a tag explaining about the basic care of the plant like how often to water it etc. This was a great help since this is my first bonsai ever.

I have ordered bonsai trees from this site before and everytime I am impressed with the care they take in packaging the tree. This one arrived in near perfect condition and revived the travel trauma very quickly. It is beautiful and if you are contemplating buying it - just do it. This is inexpensive and makes a great gift. Makes its presence in the room

The bonsai showed up in good condition with just a few yellow leaves. It is almost identical to the one in the pic. Love this buy it really adds character to my office.

Large, healthy arrived in good condition. The pot had a slight crack though, but thats fine since I was planning to put this in a different pot anyway. The tree itself is ridiculously beautiful

The base of the tree seems to be too large for the small pot it has been put into. I am not sure if this is the right pot for this tree size, perhaps not.

I received this today, the tree arrived healthy and beautiful, am very excited since this is a surprise for my wife. I hope the tree is hardy and stay beautiful
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