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Orange Jasmine Bonsai (Murraya Paniculata)

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Orange Jasmine Bonsai 'Murraya Paniculata' 6 Years old

Orange Jasmine Tree is a tropical, evergreen plant endemic to China and south Asia. It belongs to the Rutaceae (citrus) family and is popularly known by its biological name 'Murraya Paniculata' and common name ‘satinwood’.

The Orange Jasmine shrub has deep verdant green, shiny, waxy foliage against clustered white scented flowers which are followed by bright orange fruits during summers. Orange Jasmine shrub flowers through the year, filling the air with tangy-sweet smell and attracting birds, bees and butterflies.

Orange Jasmine loves bright morning sunlight but prefers shade from harsh afternoon sun. The plant enjoys moist but well drained soil. If the top layer of its soil is dry, its time to water the plant deeply. Being a rapid grower, it needs regular pruning to maintain its shape. During growing season, it is recommended to fertilize the plant once in three weeks. If given proper care and attention Orange Jasmine Bonsai is sure to reward you well.


  • 6 Years old
  • 12 - 13 Inches tall
  • Biological Name: Murraya Paniculata


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