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Juniper Bonsai (Procumbens Nana) On Rock Slab

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Japanese Juniper Bonsai On a Rock Slab  (Juniper Procumbens  Nana) - 8 Years Old

Native to Japan, Juniper procumbens nana is a dwarf, low growing , dense, deep green shrub. Juniper Bonsai Care is easier and simpler than other bonsai, as it is strong and sturdy, resists most disease and pests. It can survive hot dry climate and adapts quickly to all kinds of soil. The cascading Juniper bonsai tree with a curved trunk has been artistically styled and planted on a rock slab with pebbles around. Juniper leaves are green needle shoots and turn purple in cold weather. Juniper trees are slow growers but catch up fast and grow beautifully forming a green cushioned mat on the ground.

A versatile bonsai, perfect for beginners and also great for veteran bonsai lovers.

Product Features:

  • Approximately 9 Inches tall 
  • 8 Years old
  • Planted in a 15" x 8 x 1" glass fiber reinforced concrete rock slab

Juniper Bonsai Care:

Sunlight & Location:

Japanese Juniper enjoys full sun, but it is advisable to give it a beak in hot summer afternoon. It is a hardy outdoor bonsai but might need to be brought indoors to protect from harsh winter winds and frost.

Juniper Procumbens nana does not prefer excessive watering as it might cause the roots to deteriorate. Water your Juniper depending upon the dryness of its soil. Watering frequency will depend on change in temperature. During summers the plant may need daily watering but might differ in winters.

Hand Pinch and prune Juniper bonsai during growing season, you will see your masterpiece acquire the desired shape. Avoid the use of scissors as the shoots and foliage might turn brown and die.

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