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Old Wessex Irish Style Oatmeal
12x18.5 Oz Each

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Old Wessex Irish Style Oatmeal 12x18.5 Oz Each

Qty: 12x18.5 Oz each

Weight (lbs): 36.94

UPC: 0025335110149

Manufacturer: Old Wessex

Speciality Info: Kosher


Geat taste and great product.Something that will bring back memories of cold days and Mom and or /Grandmother. This will be satisfying but not lumpy or overfilling.
I was so happy to find this on green and brown. It makes a wonderfully-textured and flavorful oatmeal (I'm not a fan of mushy/slimey style oatmeal). Since I don't like to 'stir frequently,' my preparation technique is a bit different: bring water to boil in a deep potNorpro KRONA 8 Cup Multi Pot with Straining Lid , throw in oats, stir, then turn off heat but leave pot on the stove and let sit 10-15 minutes (longer cooking time, but all passive). I like to mix in chia seeds, chopped/broken raw nuts (walnuts or pecans), dried fruit (raisins, blueberries or a superfruit blend Navitas Naturals Trail Power Organic Goji, Mulberry And Incan Golden Berry Trail Mix, 8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 2), some cinnamon or pumpkin-pie spice and/or nutmeg, sweetening with a touch of maple syrup or agave, and adding some non-dairy milk if it needs it. I've also made 'banana bread' oatmeal by stiring in a ripe mashed banana (with walnuts, raisins, and all three spices) and 'pumpkin-pie' oatmeal (stirring in mashed cooked yams and pumpkin-pie spice). YUM!
It seems a little crazy to buy oatmeal in bulk, but we go through one container of this oatmeal a week. It has a much better consistency than traditional "quick-cooking" oatmeal, and is a nice compromise over the steel-cut oatmeal because it cooks in only five minutes (as opposed to twenty).
This is the best "Irish" oatmeal I've found, and I've tried quite a few. Great texture. I cook it in the microwave with skim milk - perfect!
I paid $4.99 at my local health food store for one 18.5 oz container of this oatmeal. That would be $60. for 12 containers. I am thrilled to find 12 for $35. on green and brown and ordered them. This is delicious oatmeal, and I like to make it with coconut, dried cherries, candied ginger, slivered almonds on top and warm rice milk. Really good.
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