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Preserved Bonsai Monterey Triple Trunk (Not A Living Tree)

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Zero Maintenance Bonsai - Monterey

Yes, no watering, no trimming, no maintenance and what's more this is a real live bonsai tree that has been preserved to retain its natural color, texture and fragrance.

20 inches tall.

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery


Bought this as a gift, the tree arrive in great condition, very pretty. Wife loved it so bought one more for self.
I bought this for my mom's b day and she loved it! Came package good and in excellent condition- looked just like the picture!"
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Did you know you don’t need to water, fertilize or prune preserved bonsai trees?

Exposure to sunlight, humidity or change in season do  not affect preserved bonsai trees.

If the bonsai tree has been preserved well, it is difficult to differentiate if it is a real live bonsai tree or not. To preserve the trunk of a bonsai and prevent it from bacterial and fungal infections coat it with sulfur every 6 months or annually.

Take proper precautions while applying sulfur. Before the application of sulfur the bark of the tree needs to be moisturized. Excessive  application of sulfur can prove harmful to its preservation.

(Please note that this is a related article for your reading pleasure. This in no way should be interpreted as product description or claims in relation to this product)


James W. - In the title of the product, you state that it is not a living tree, however, in the description it states that it is a "real live bonsai tree." I'm confused..

GreenNBrown - Regret that the description is not very clear to you. This is a preserved tree. So while it is not an artificial bonsai (usually made of wire more like a sculpture), it is rather a live tree that is preserved. So the look and feel of the tree is that of a natural tree while at the same time this bonsai being preserved does not need watering or any maintenance

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