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MLO Super High Protein
1x16 Oz Each

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Mlo Super High Protein 1x16 Oz Each

Qty: 1x16 Oz

Weight (lbs): 9.61

UPC: 0030963020036

Manufacturer: MLO


A great price! Have been using this product for several years. Love the fact that it is so high in protein and no carbs or fat. I make fruit smoothies for lunch and coffee drinks in the afternoons with some cinnamon and sugar substitute. Good meal replacement. Arrived promptly.
So far so good. I bought a canister at a local supermarket on a whim just to see how it adds up. One negative is that I can only find it in the 16 oz canister no matter what store or website I look at. On the plus side, I am no longer getting the headaches I would get with the sugary protein powders and the taste really isn't that repulsive. Speaking of taste, it has occurred to me through researching multiple products on multiple websites that America is obsessed with taste. What is absurd to me is that this product says Natural as its flavor and people on other health store websites give it negative reviews because of that. If you bought the product knowing full well there probably won't be a taste (because the flavor is Natural), why would you give it a negative review based on that? So what is the taste of it you might ask. It tastes like liquefied oatmeal to me, not some awful garbage. I also like that I get vitamins and minerals with it as well. Sodium is a little higher than I wanted 270mg or 11% of dv but I am willing to overlook that. I combine 3 tbs of this with 1 teaspoon of unflavored creatine in 8 oz of water in a blender ball bottle and I am good to go. And yes, it mixes just fine. There is no taste to my water smoothie but I am drinking for the benefit of nutrition, not because the taste paramount to me.
I walked into Kroger to find a meal replacement powder, and this is the best one I could find. All of the other ones like SlimFast, South Beach, etc had way too much sugar for a weight loss food regime. This one has ZERO GRAMS! I've never been very big on vitamins and eating vegetables, so this is great for filling in those gaps. 3 heaping tbsp per serving with a total of 16 servings are in the container. I grabbed the last one off the shelf. I love that it has soy, milk, eggs, and whey proteins instead of just whey protein as its sources of protein and not just whey protein like a lot of other protein powders.
Great for slipping into many foods unnoticeably to add protein to the diet of a chemo patient who is not eating well. I've used it to replace some of the flour in a pumpkin bread recipe and to add to soup, and the patient never knew it was there. Please note that this is whey and soy protein, just in case you have a problem with either of those. A friend used it the same way for her elderly mother who wasn't eating enough. Great because it has no taste.
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