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Men's Organic Practice Short Charcoal Black

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Men's Yoga Practice Shorts are perfect for high performance yoga. Made with Organic Cotton and Spandex they keep you cool while stretching freely in all postures. The extra thick luxury fabric has additional padding in the crotch to keep you comfortable.  The waist band is plush and thick. The Practice shorts can be worn by themselves or under your mens Performance Pants. Perfect for hot yoga or any man that perfers a snug fit during practice! This short will keep you cool while stretching freely in all postures. Fabric: 90% Organic Cotton 10% Spandex

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"I am born without my right hand from the elbow down and due to lack of balance in my body, I suffer a lot of pain in my back. As a person with different body from the rest, I never felt comfortable in class environments. Looking at pictures of yogis, I always thought if I could ever be there.

Gradually as I learnt about Yoga philosophy, I realized there are things that I cannot and should not do. No matter what pose or asana I may do, but if I do not connect with my inner strength, its a mere workout. After 10 years of practice, perseverance and support of my guru I was able to strike the forearm stand and build the patience to be happy with where I am today" #‎yoga

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