Local Media is the Largest Contributor to Recycling Awareness among Americans, Finds Green N Brown

by sapan Agarwal

(Sept 1, 2010) – Awareness about recycling programs among Americans is moderately high. In a survey of 1,000 US citizens conducted by Green N Brown (http://www.GreenNBrown.com), 8 out of 10 respondents reported having seen the recycling symbol on products they purchase.

Compared to past surveys, significantly more Americans reported recycling - 80% respondents continually participated in some form of recycling over 2009-2010. Of these recycling Americans, nearly half do it to help save the planet.

“Environmental IQ of a common American has increased significantly over the years”, says Green N Brown Evangelist & CEO Naina Vaish, “it is not the awareness that is a challenge, it is the ease of adoption and practicing that keeps people away from adopting a Greener lifestyle.”

The survey reveals that the largest proportion of non-recycling Americans indicate that they do not recycle due to the lack of community support or because recycling perhaps does not cross their minds. However, compared to past results, significantly more Americans report future intentions to participate in their community recycling programs and purchase products made of recycled materials.

“We believe change needs to happen bottoms up - it is the individuals who need to drive the Green Revolution in their everyday lives,” concludes Vaish, “our study concludes that local media is by far the largest contributor to environmental awareness among the masses and we applaud their efforts in driving the Green Change”.

About the Survey

1,000 Americans participated in the survey conducted in 2009-2010. Respondents represented the four regions throughout the US in equal quotas: Midwest, Northeast, South, and West. All age groups and genders are near equally represented.

About Green N Brown

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