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Juniper Bonsai (procumbens nana) Stone Landscape

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Japanese Juniper Bonsai - Large (procumbens nana) - Landscaped With Stone

Juniper Bonsai with stone landscape has been artistically crafted, exhibiting immense talent of our bonsai expert. Imported rocks washed with acid are selected to create this remarkable, picturesque scene. Rocks are firmly cemented in a  gorgeous, glazed, imported ceramic bonsai pot  - divided into land and water. Rocks are fixed to one side of the pot with a ceramic bridge on either side, enough space is left between these rocks to fill in water. A glazed, ceramic fisherman figurine is fixed with fishing pole overlooking the water body. Ceramic pagoda miniature is firmly fixed atop the stone above the bridge. A large, lush green Japanese Juniper bonsai is planted on land and styled in a way that it forms a canopy over the stone landscape.

An extraordinary creation, it will fascinate any bonsai lover! This exceptional piece can be a unique gift for any occasion.

Juniper bonsai is known by its biological name: procumbens nana. Juniper trees are easy to maintain and adapt quickly to any soil and weather conditions. Being hardy by nature, these will live long and beautify any place.


  • 10 Years old
  • 10" - 11" tall
  • Biological name: procumbens nana
  • Includes a ceramic pagoda figurine, fisherman figurine along with a fishing pole and line.


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