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Japanese Juniper (procumbens nana) Fishing Scene In A Pot

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Japanese Juniper Bonsai Large - Fishing Scene In A Water Bonsai Pot (procumbens nana)

A large Japanese Juniper Bonsai miniaturized with live fishing scene created in a Bonsai pot is remarkable. Magnificent juniper bonsai styled in an upright stature is an exceptional creation of our talented bonsai artist. The bonsai pot is divided between land and water. It displays a Juniper on land with a fisherman fishing in the well with water.

Juniper trees are originally from Japan. An evergreen hardy, quick grower, Junipers are available easily and are impressive landscape plants. It’s unique, frilled, pointed green foliage grows in mounds.

Juniper procumbens nana can be maintained easily without fuss. It enjoys full sun to partial shade but needs extra care from frost and wind chill. Water the plant as and when the soil turns dry. Excessive watering your bonsai should be avoided. The soil should be moist but well drained. Prune the bonsai when it is growing to get the shape and style you want.


  • 8 yrs old
  • 13 inches tall
  • Biological Name: Juniper Procumbens "Nana"
  • Includes a ceramic fisherman figurine along with a fishing pole, line and ceramic fish.

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