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Japanese Akadama Bonsai Soil Mix 2 lbs. (1.6LTS)

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Akadama Brown - Japanese Bonsai Soil - 2lbs.

The term akadama in Japanese stands for the red color and ball shaped particles that form the soil. Akadama soil is elemental not only for bonsai but is used for general gardening purpose as well. Akadama particles are that of baked and dried volcanic clay, which break down gradually over a period in time.

Repotting of a bonsai is a crucial time, akadama soil with it’s water retention property plays a crucial role in promoting the new root and overall healthy growth of the bonsai. As it drains well, it accelerates the production of new roots.

Akadama, Japanese bonsai soil is a high yield soil mix for bonsai trees. It is suitable for all kinds of bonsai trees and can be mixed with other bonsai soil or be used as is. It is the same brown Akadama which is imported from Japan in 14 litres bags but repacked in 2 lb. bags for convenience.


  • Qty: 2lbs.
  • 5.0mm granular size
  • High-fired hard volcanic clay
  • Imported from Japan


Not sure what to say... it's special soil and it works as it is suppose to. It's a little pricy, but if I need it again I will purchase it from this site. I am a satisfied customer:)
This is a great buy if you are serious about your bonsai. I keep coming back here because this is the cheapest deal I have found
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