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Hinoki Cypress Bonsai (chamaecyparis obtusa)

Hinoki Cypress or chamaecyparis obtusa is indigenous to Japan, an evergreen conifer is an excellent choice for Bonsai beginners. It is a common but gorgeous landscape plant, conical in shape, with elegant drooping branches similar in appearance to that of fern, displaying attractive dark green foliage, to capture the interest of any Bonsai enthusiast. Not to miss the dark reddish, chipping, appearance of it’s bark which enhances the visual appeal of the specimen Hinoki Cypress Tree.

Hinoki Cypress Bonsai is a hardy, outperforming most of the trees in any weather condition, except in cold, dry, windy weather, where it needs to be cared for. Ornamental chamaecyparis will embellish any place you choose to plant it.


  • 5 Years Old
  • 8 Inches Tall
  • Biological Name: chamaecyparis obtusa 'little john'

Hinoki Cypress Care


Hinoki Cypress loves sunshine and thrives in full to partial shade. If grown outdoors, it is advisable during winters to protect it from direct frost, it can also be placed indoors for severe but away from dry and direct heat source.


This bonsai is thirsty, water it regularly and do not allow the soil to run dry. When in full bloom and in the thick of growing season, the water requirement of the bonsai may increase. However, over watering and waterlogging may cause the root to rot. Misting or sprinkling the foliage may help meet its water requirements.


It is tough to maintain the shape of this bonsai due to its rapid growth and pruning may also get challenging because of its fan like branches and foliage. As this is a fast grower, it is recommended to pinch this plant for newer and faster growth, avoid cutting with scissors. Usage of scissors may result in turning the foliage brown.


Spring is the best time to repot this tree. It may be necessary to repot it every two years.


It is highly recommended to keep the foliage dust free to enable growth of new foliage and enhance the look of showy, deep green leaves juxtaposed with dark red bark

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