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Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai (schefflera arboricola) Braided Trunk

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Braided Twist Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai - schefflera arboricola (6 years old)

An intricately beautiful plant that is problem-free for beginners, this indoor bonsai tree features the classic fanned out canopy of Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai, with a braided trunk we create by growing three plants in one pot and twisting them around each other.

Bonsai with a twist

Perfect for the indoors and hassle-free when it comes to bonsai care, this tree flourishes well in varying degrees of light, the twisted braid trunk making it an artful addition to your decor at home or at work, as well as an ideal gift choice.

With 16-18 inch trees braided together to create this refreshingly unique bonsai guaranteed to draw the eye, we recommend using a humidity tray to maintain moisture levels of the soil and allow the bonsai to flourish.

Biological Name: Arboricola Schefflera


Arrived with a scratch on the planter on one side, probably during shipment, the plant looks fine with no damage at all. Scratch is minor and not very visible, anyway I have placed it on the window sill so it faces the other side. It is a beautiful tree and smells very foresty too.
We have tried to plant and grow bonsai trees several times and have bought trees from stores in the past, however we were thrilled when this adorable tree arrived. It was healthy and no visible damages, thanks to the packaging that took us over half and hour to unwrap. I am sure you will not be dissappointed with a purchase here
One week and there are new leaves on my tree already. I am so happy to have bought this tree. It looks so vibrant and adds so much character to my workdesk
Your search for a bonsai ends here, buy this one. I received this gorgeous tree in less than a week and I was thrilled to see the way it was taken care of. All intact and moist. Great buy
This is very nice. Love the tree
The box arrived with a side mushed, was worried about the plant and the planter but thankfully both were saved. The packing saved the tree and the beautiful pot that came with it, happy this purchase went as expected
Beautiful plant, high quality planter.
This is definitely way better than how it appears in the picture, the pot itself is so beautiful and stunning. Plant was well taken care of and the packing was great. Arrived with damp soil and made it to our house in flat 3 days after ordering.
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