Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai (Schefflera Arboricola) On Rock Slab


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Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai on Rock Slab - schefflera arboricola (8 years old)

A great place to start if you’re an amateur or beginner in gardening, the Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai is both low maintenance and very aesthetically pleasing, making it a great gift or perfect decorative option for the home or workspace.

Minimal effort, maximum results

This miniature, with lush green, fanned out leaves to create the umbrella shape it is named after, thrives well in all types of lighting, and can be grown out in varied stylised pots to increase their aesthetic appeal, as their growth is not affected by root exposure or minor changes in temperature. Decorative rocks or pebbles can thus enhance this evergreen’s beauty without deterring its ability to grow.

We recommend using a humidifier tray to monitor the moisture levels of the soil, as the bonsai will flourish best when there is enough moisture to let it bloom.

Biological Name: Arboricola Schefflera

  • Hawaiian Umbrella
  • Rock Slab

I received this tree earlier than expcted, but to my disappointment the pot arrived broken into many pieces. I filed a claim for replacement th shipment arrived early again the pot was good but smaller than expected.

This is my third hawaiian umbrella bonsai and I love it. I was delighted to have received the plant in mint condition. The packaging was well done as needed to keep the tree safe during travel. It took me a while to get to the tree because of the intensive packaging. But i was very happy to see the tree as not a single leaf was damaged, it ahd a thick trunk and the pot was quite similar to the one in picture. I recommend buying from here.

Did I receive the tree exactly as in the picture? No of course. I understand that each plant is slightly different. The one I was sent is beautiful and is still growing well. I will purchase from this site again.

I received this stunning tree yesterday, let me analyze my purchase for you. Pros: 1) the tree is beautiful and arrived in perfect conditon. 2) Great attention to packing the tree. 3) Fast shipping 4) The pot is beautiful and high quality perhaps a $15 value on its own. 5) Well trained healthy tree 6) Soil is good purpose bonsai soil. Cons: 1) Bonsai care manual is a printed paper that is easy to lose, but you can find plenty of care information online anyway. 2) Does not come with humidity tray, you will perhaps need one that fits the planter, so buy one.

For your information, let me tell you, you will need a drainage tray to fit the pot. Also a good idea to buy slow release organic fertiliser pellets. Water this plant regularly, I often spray it lightly from the top to clean the leaves too.

This arrived on the 4th days of ordering and I did not pay anything for shipping. Not a leaf was broken. Happy to have bought this. It is a great addition to my home.

My son is very happy with this tree. It is a birthday gift for him. It arrived earlier than promised, the expected date was 9th but it arrived on the 6th.

Happy customer, will order again

Looking for a tree I landed here on this site and was impressed with the prices here. This place is cheaper than a lot of other sites including Amazon, trust me I have done a lot of looking around before I bought this tree here. My purchase experience has been very satisfactory, will recommend buying from here.

This is cheaper here than on Amazon, happy to have landed here. Great looking tree, fast delivery and the tree looks lovely.
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