Green N Brown Is Giving Away Free Reusable Bags To Fight Against The Plastic Pandemic

by sapan Agarwal, an online store for eco friendly and organic products, estimates that Americans use about 100 billion plastic bags per year. It takes up to 12 million barrels of oil to produce these many plastic bags and most of these bags end up polluting the environment.

"Plastic bags make up more than 10% of washed-up debris that pollutes the U.S. coastline," said Naina Vaish, Evangelist & CEO GreenNBrown. "Reusing bags is a simple way we consumers can help to reduce climate change emissions" she added.

To fight against this Plastic pandemic, Green N Brown is giving away 1,000 free Reusable Bags during the month of April 2016 in celebration of Earth Month. Green N Brown's mission is to get more Reusable Bags to shoppers and to increase awareness about single use plastics bags. In alignment with their vision to create Greener Every Day Lives, this Earth Month Green N Brown hopes to initiate a movement among their customers to consider their role in planet care every day and to be willing to make a difference.

"Research shows the average operating 'lifespan' of a plastic bag to be approximately 20 minutes. These 100 billion plastic shopping bags cost appx. $4 billion to retailers annually," Vaish also added, "We believe that our role as a retailer is to help our customers make small changes that will have a positive impact on the environment. And the success of reusable bags for plastic bags has been due to the support of our customers who have embraced it. We will continue to implement new initiatives that help us, and our customers, minimise our environmental footprint. This is all part of our aim to show how a series of small steps can together make a big difference."

About Green N Brown

Green N Brown, an E-Market for sustainable and low eco-impact products, is a one stop shop for Greener Future. At Green N we provide the best information and enjoyable shopping experience to our eco shoppers by offering a wide range of GREEN (eco-friendly) and BROWN (organic), hence Green N Brown.

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