Dwarf Hinoki Cypress (Chamecyparis Obtusa Nana Lutea)


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Chamecyparis Obtusa - Golden Hinoki Cypress Bonsai - Small

This wide-spread, flamboyant, dwarf-size Golden Hinoki Cypress Tree is perfect for any landscape. Hinoki Cypress bonsai shows off its extravagant, shimmering, dense, golden fan-like foliage. As this plant grows, it takes the shape of a glowing, golden, layered cone like pyramid. Hinoki Cypress tree looks spectacular when used in rock gardens, borders or fencing. It’s gets its perfect golden color because of blend of it’s yellow and white foliage. A hardy, an evergreen shrub easy to care for is worthy of place in your patio or garden. Eye-catching foliage of the conspicuous tree brings bright colors even to the gloomy dark days of winter.


  • 7 years old, 9"-10" tall
  • Outdoor bonsai tree, grown and trained
  • Biological Name: chamecyparis obtusa 'nana lutea'

Dwarf Golden Hinoki Cypress Care:


Dwarf Golden Cypress thrives in sun shine. To get best results from this tree, it should be placed directly under morning sun and partial shade during afternoon. Take extra care of your bonsai, during cold, dry winters. Also it is advisable to bring it indoors for harsh winters.


Watering your Bonsai depends on lot of factors - its soil, the type of pot used, the placement of its tree etc. It is essential to use moisture meter, to assess the water requirements of each bonsai and then chalk out the water schedule. Over watering your bonsai may risks its roots to rot.


Pruning is a technique to give your bonsai desired shape and size. Pinching and pruning is needed periodically to maintain good health of the tree and also encourage fruitfulness and new growth.


Spring is the ideal time to repot this tree. Two to three years is a good time to give this bonsai a new container.


It’s a hardy and tolerant to most pests and disease. Find a sunny spot for this attractive bonsai and you will see it thrive throughout the year.

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The tree was 9-10 inches tall, came with proper instructions on caring the plant. I placed it outdoors in my patio to help recover it from travel shock. Its been three weeks I am looking forward to it flourishing?

My little bonsai arrived green and healthy carefully packed so that not a single leaf or branch would damage. I loved the thoughtful packaging. I loved the color of the specimen bonsai and was almost just like the one shown in the picture. The tree was about 10 inches tall. A beautiful addition to my existing bonsai collection. I would recommend buying from this website, its good value for money.
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