Dear Friends,

From its humble beginning, of initiating several eco-efforts from planting trees to recycling programs, now evolves globally as the leading and fastest growing brand of eco-friendly products, affecting everyday life at an individual level.

We provide you with informed green choices for your daily life in the form of “Green” (environment friendly) and “Brown” (Organic). Each of our products have been handpicked and thoroughly analyzed for its environmental footprint.

Every time you shop with us, you are making a positive difference to the health of the planet and its inhabitants. As green citizens, our commitment to environmental responsibility encompasses offsetting our carbon footprints as we go about our daily business. We start at home with conserving energy, by hosting this shopping portal on servers that run on 100% renewable energy. Embark on your green journey with and make EARTH A GREENER PLANET!


Naina Vaish

Naina Vaish

Evangelist N CEO, Green N Brown