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Food For Life Ezekiel4:9 Fettuccine Pasta 6x16 Oz each

Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Fettuccine Pasta
6x16 Oz Each

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Food For Life Ezekiel 4:9 Fettuccine Pasta 6x16 Oz Each

Qty: 6x16 Oz each

Weight (lbs): 31

UPC: 0073472005613

Manufacturer: Food For Life


Being told I was about one bowl of pasta away from Type II Diabetes, and that I should "eliminate" bread (my favorite food), I decided to search the web for a "cheat."Sprouted grain anything is touted as being lower in carbohydrates and sugar than regular OR whole wheat anything (both of which convert directly to sugar when digested). Sprouted grain, allegedly, does not (according to an online flat belly diet plan, anyway). So, not wanting to give up pasta, (and who wouldn't want a flatter belly?) I decided to try this. The box says that because it's natural, it cooks in half the time of regular pasta so, according to the directions, I cooked it for 4.5 minutes, but it was still a little stiff. Next time I'll try for 6 and see what happens. The texture is similar to wheat pasta and with sauce on it, it was hard to tell the difference - except for the color.I don't have blood work scheduled for another 4 months, and I haven't entirely given up on white bread, cheeseburgers and The Olive Garden, but hopefully this will help bring my triglycerides down. Oh! And I did lose 3 pounds without trying.
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