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Bonsai Apple Tree Flowering (clusia rosea 'nana')

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Bonsai Apple Tree - Large 8 Years Old

Now you can enjoy fresh, juicy apples growing right on your desktop or living room. Apple tree bonsai can grow both indoors or outdoors. This tree originates from American tropics. It is also popularly known as Pitch Apple or Autograph Tree. The foliage is compact dark green with aerial roots. During summer, the apple bonsai bears pink, white flowers, followed by unique shaped fruit. This apple bonsai tree can be a unique piece of decoration. Patience with this tree is rewarded in the form of sweet apples! This is one of the most sort after fruit bearing Bonsai trees.

The bonsai needs regular watering. Take precautions to not overwater the plant. You may need to water the bonsai frequently when the plant is fruiting or lowering.

Apple bonsai tree enjoys sun. If your tree is placed outdoors , then it is advisable to protect the roots from cold climate.

Feed the bonsai organic fertilizer 2-3 times in a month. We do not recommend feeding during the fruiting season.

Repotting the plant may occur once in 3 to 4 years. Akadama bonsai soil is ideal to maintain the health of the plant while repotting it. Spring or early Fall is the best time to repot this bonsai.


The order arrived in fast, it was well secured in cardboard box filed with packaging peanuts to ensure each branch and leaf was well protected. The bonsai soil was covered in plastic wrap to lock in the moisture. I was impressed with every possible step taken to keep up the health of the plant and minimize damage during shipping. Thanks!
It was very hard to find this bonsai, finally I got it. My tree looked healthy when it arrived. I am waiting to re-plant it in spring and hoping for fruits in summer.
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