Sargent Crabapple Bonsai (Malus Sargenti) 11 Yrs


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Sargent Crabapple Bonsai - Flowering Dwarf - 11 Years Old

Sargent Crab apple tree is a jewel amongst the many flowering bonsai. Where during cold weather, most of the trees may not perform well, crabapple bonsai being tolerant to cold weather remains one of the most popular of the flowering trees. It is a hardy, a spring star, a showy, bird attracting dwarf, suitable for most landscapes. It’s ostentatious, clustered, white, fragrant, five-petaled blossoms bloom in early spring, even before the leaves show up and are later joined by green foliage. Crabapple bonsai tree bears fruit in summer and fall, its colors vary from purple-red to orange-yellow and some greens as well.


  • 11 Years Old
  • 11 Inches Tall
  • Biological Name: Malus Sargenti

Crabapple Bonsai Care

Water: Sargent Crabapple Tree needs water regularly. Do not overwater the plant, but avoid letting the soil run dry.

Temperature: Sargenti enjoys full sun to partial shade. Keep it protected from sun during hot summer months

Pruning: Crabapple Bonsai does not require frequent pruning. If you have to prune, it should be done before July, as the flower buds start to form. Pruning Sargenti after the advisable time, may lead to reducing the flowering and fruiting for the season.

The Crabapple Bonsai tree is almost bare in the winters, dotted with fruits which survive the cold temperature. It is resistant to most disease and pests. It is a hardy, easy to care for and maintain.

Please note: During winters shipping of tender trees may have to be temporally delayed due to cold temperatures either in originating or its final destination. Tender trees subject to low, overnight temperatures below 30 degrees during transit may freeze and this may adversely impact the health of the tree. We will send a shipping notice once it is in transit so you know when to expect it

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  • Dwarf

The plant came over packaged (to avoid damage in shipping) and took me sometime to get to it. I was disappointed to see the size was smaller than what was described. As an experienced bonsai trainer I could see that the plant was matured about ten years old but measured just 8-9 inches from the bottom of the pot. I wrote to green N brown and they offered me a refund which I did not want to accept as my bonsai has been doing well and I exactly know how to care for it.

An absolute great buy! A beautiful bonsai, full of foliage and in good condition. I loved the glazed ceramic pot it came in, even though it is different than what is in picture, but that doesnot mater. I now have it for about 4 months and is doing well on my work place window. I followed the instructions that came with it and that has helped me a lot. I do recommend buying from here and just follow the guidelines for caring

I ordered this plant in winters and received it well packaged but there were hardly any leaves on it. I was worried and contacted the company to find out that I have to wait for spring to see the desired results and also follow the care guide. I did my own research and it seemed Spring and summer is the right time for it to bloom and fruit. I hope I get return on my investment!
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Matt ward - What does the actual bonsai tree look like?

GreenNBrown - The actual bonsai tree will be very close to the one shown in picture.

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