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Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai - schefflera arboricola (5 Trees forest)

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Five Tree Forest Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai - schefflera arboricola (5-8 years old)

Why get a tree when you could have the forest? With this set of miniatures, you can bring nature into your home or workplace in the form of a grove of Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai trees, by far the most popular of bonsai for the amateur gardener.

Don’t miss the forest for the tree

With five 10-11 inch indoor bonsai trees planted in a single pot to recreate a miniature forest, these charming, trained bonsai are incredibly easy to look after even for inexperienced beginners, growing well in varied lighting and room temperature and brightening up indoor spaces with a splash of nature’s green. The gorgeous little grove also makes for a great gift option for avid plant-lovers, or even someone looking to brighten up their homes or offices.

Requiring an occasional trim for most of any new growth to help maintain the shape of the bonsai, and a humidity tray to retain optimum moisture levels in the soil, this miniature forest offers a great trade-off between effort required and the glorious results with minimal bonsai care.


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Michelle - I just ordered your 5 tree shefflera forest, but forgot to order humidity tray. What size humidity tray do I need for this item? And, is the humidity tray needed? Does the water just leak out of the bottom of the pot onto the table if we do not have the humidity tray? Thanks

GreenNBrown - It is recommended that a tray should go with the grouping. All pots have drainage holes so having the tray is very beneficial. If you want to purchase the tray we will match it up with the appropriate size for you.

Michelle - What is the width of this 5 tree forest? Also, are the trees themselves 15 inches or does that include the pot height as well?

GreenNBrown - The height of the tree is measured from the base of the plant to cover the root systems.

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