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Scarves N Shawls

GreenNBrown offers a fine collection of tasteful and distinctive scarves and shawls. All scarves and shawls are handpicked offering you quality pashmina, merino wool, cotton and other fine fabrics. GreenNBrown also showcases the contemporary work of weavers from around the world, bringing you unique hand woven scarves and shawls. The gift of a shawl is like a warm hug.

San Antonio Scarf - Gold Save 13%
$26.97 $23.45
Paisley Cotton Scarf Save 17%
$22.35 $18.45
Sedona Scarf - Purple (S) Save 13%
$29.33 $25.50
Olive Floral Cotton Scarf Save 13%
$21.22 $18.45

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