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Shoulder Bags

Over the shoulder bag is the workhorse of any handbag wardrobe. brings to you a wide collection of fashionable, eco-friendly over the shoulder bags. Our broad range offers hand woven textile shoulder bags for shopping, recycled candy foil over the shoulder bag for a perfect evening and all purpose hand embroidered shoulder bags. With a variety of color, design and shapes available, there is sure to be an over the shoulder bag to match your taste and style.

Cut Out Flower Tire Bag Save 39%
$66.24 $40.49
Breeda Wave Bag Save 19%
$56.34 $45.59
Hmong Retreat Bag - Purple Save 16%
$90.37 $75.95
Hmong Retreat Bag - Orange Save 13%
$87.34 $75.95
Rose Garden Bag Save 13%
$61.47 $53.45
Leather Label Butler Bag Save 13%
$87.40 $76.00
London Rose Bag Blue/Blue Save 13%
$81.59 $70.95
London Rose Bag Blue/Black Save 13%
$81.59 $70.95
London Rose Bag Pink/Black Save 13%
$81.59 $70.95

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