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Gifts For Him

Now look no further because here, at GreenNBrown, we have the best collection of unique gift ideas for men. Browse through our newest and hottest gift ideas for men that our gift hunters have discovered! We've found perfect gift ideas for men from all over the world, picking only the best for you to choose from. So if you’re looking for fun and unusual birthday gift ideas for men, Christmas gift ideas for men, or indeed for any other occasion then look no further than our fabulous gifts for him range all handpicked to help you find that special gift that he’s sure to love.

Men Stinger Suit 12 50 64 Save 13%
$99.28 $86.33
Men Swim Tights Save 13%
$59.43 $51.68
Men Tights 51 60 63 Save 13%
$59.43 $51.68
Men Shorts 41 60 63 Save 13%
$48.04 $41.78
Men Stinger Suit 12 60 50 Save 13%
$99.28 $86.33
Cut Out Flower Tire Bag Save 39%
$66.24 $40.49
San Antonio Scarf - Gold Save 21%
$26.97 $21.33
Breeda Wave Bag Save 19%
$56.34 $45.59
The Paris Wallet - Paris Save 20%
$30.46 $24.22

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