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Batik Wall Hanging & Tapestry

Gecko Batik in Three Blues Save 13%
$72.97 $63.45

Batik Tapestry | Batik Wall Hanging

Batik an ancient fabric art, which relates back to the 13th century. Birth place of batik art is Asia. A “wax-resist” dyeing process, very popular in Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka etc. Silk and cotton are the best materials to create batik designs.

The process is carried out by hand, by talented artists. During the batik process, hot wax is painted or stamped by hand on the fabric as per the desired pattern. The fabric is then dyed and dried. After drying, batik wax is removed to unfold the unique design created.

Batik is gaining popularity all over the world. Creating, designing and selling batik items is a great source of employment and livelihood to many in developing countries. Women are stepping forward, enterprising batik workshops showcasing their talent.

Batik Wall Hanging For Sale

Our beautiful collection of batik items - batik wall hanging, batik tapestry, batik cotton placemats etc. is handmade in Africa and is on sale. These fair trade, unique creations can be an exclusive gift for any occasion. Your appreciation and support will make someone smile, back in Africa!

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