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Bonsai Trees

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Where can You Buy Bonsai Trees

At GreenNBrown we sell and deliver bonsai trees nationwide. We have a wide variety of trees and we list the age, botanical name and dimensions of each tree on the listing page. Not only do we sell trees, but we also make available all pots and planters that go along with these trees. We have a large collection of imported mica pots too that are very popular with our patrons.

At this site you will also find tools and soil for your bonsai. Browse our collection of quality pruning and shear tools and in case you need assistance please do not hesitate to drop us a note. We will be happy to get our bonsai expert in touch with you for recommendations.

Bonsai Trees Buy Online

A number of our customers are first bonsaiers and often times they get nervous buying a live tree online. However, each time we have delivered a tree we have had nothing but happy customers with rave reviews post purchase.

To help you choose a tree online, the plants listing pages have been loaded with all necessary information including the sizes and the pictures of the plant. In addition you may find reviews from past customers to help you take a decision.

We take great care while packing the tree for you. Bonsai trees may undergo travel stress hence it is important that packaging be sturdy to stand the elements during transit. Trees are shipped out as early in the week as possible to avoid then sitting in transit over the weekend. Hence we may want to wait for the next week if your order comes in later in the week. 

Each tree is shipped with a printed care intructions sheet for you to take care of your tree. This sheet will have basic information about the bonsai as well as tips and recommendations on watering frequency, fertilizing frequency as well as ideas on pruning and shaping the tree.

Chinese Elm Bonsai Trees

This is one of the very popular trees at our site - you may want to consider this tree while you are browsing and looking for a tree that can live both outdoors and indoors. Chinese Elms are semi-deciduous and are reasonably hardy against disease etc.

Chinese Elms are found in Asia, especially South East Asia and China. Unlike other Elms, Chinese Elms make great bonsai candidates with tiny leaves.

Being a semi deciduous variety these trees grow well under direct sun (outdoors) however when in partial sun or indoors, they thrive well too although they may loose some leaves. When keeping indoors consider keeping this tree on the window sill with some sun. In summers it may be a good idea to keep it outside and bring it back inside during winters or night when there is a sharp fall in temperature.

Bonsai Cherry Blossom Trees

This tree is very popular in Japan and is quite sought after here in the US too. It blooms cherries for a short period in the year and hence the name Cherry Blossom.

If you are buying this tree, do ensure it gets lots of direct sun, so keep it outdoors during summers and spring. If you live in a place with harsh winters, do find a cold spot for this tree where it is protected from frost.

Water is essential for this tree so do make sure the soil never goes dry for a long period. A moist soil is right for the thriving of this tree. Light fertilizing will keep this tree happy and growing for years.

Japanese Red Maple Bonsai Trees

This Red Maple from Japan is a decidous variety and thrives well outdoors. A hardy tree and a very popular choice of bonsai lovers. The leaves are beautiful with five lobes and strinking red color.

This bonsai will definitely add color and character to any dull space. Place this tree under indirect sun and water it plenty so that the soil is moist all the time. When you plan to prune this tree, make sure the branches and the roots are prunned together so that the roots are not stressed.

Bonsai Starter Trees

For people who are new to bonsai we offer bonsai starter recommendations. These trees are semi trained by professionals before they are sold to bonsai enthusiasts who may want to shape their own designs to the tree. Along with the starter trees we also offer starter kits that come with all tools and accessories necssary for a bonsai starter.

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