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Bonsai Pots

Ceramic Snowman Pot 2 x 3 Save 5%
$26.72 $25.44

Imported Pottery from Our Bonsai Outlet

Glazed Ceramic Pots for Bonsai

Ceramics is an art that expresses through both form and function. Pots often need to be functional to be able to accommodate and grow a plant, but at the same time these ceramic pots also need to be an art piece to compliment the beauty of the tree they house. 

If you are looking for a pot for your adorable bonsai tree, consider a round ceramic planter. It is shiny, vibrant and goes well with your contemporary home decor.

Unglazed Ceramic Pots

These pots usually come in different shapes to suit your needs. At GreenNBrown, oval and round shaped pots are very popular although we do have these pots in rectangular, square and hexagonal shapes too. In terms of colors, you may want to pick up Tan, Black or Earthtone pots since they usually go very well in both indoor and outdoor settings. If you are planning to put the pot on your kitchen counter, consider brighter colors such as yellow to add a little character to the space.

Mica Bonsai Pots - Unbreakable

Mica pots are imported from Korea. Mica makes a very good pot for bonsai trees, the reason being Mica has a natural ability to stabilize the soil temperature. If you live in a state that has exrtreme cold, consider buying a Mica pot since it will help your tree in the cold season. This pot is excellent for outdoor settings since it is quite hardy and will withstand the elements for years.

Speciality Glazed Pots

Speciality pots are available in various sizes and shapes to suit every occassion. If you are looking for a pot to add more character to your bonsai tree, you may want to pick up the snowman pot. Our most popular pots in this category are the land and water pots. These pots usually have a divider with two separate sections in the pot for water and soil. Adding a few decorative rocks or a small ceramic figurine will add a lot of interest to your bonsai.

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