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Bonsai Accessories

Zen Garden Grooming Rake Save 7%
$24.89 $23.26
Bonsai Watering Wand Save 12%
$88.76 $77.86
Wire Scorpion Figurine Save 12%
$52.73 $46.66
Bonsai Pots Moisture Meter Bonsai Save 7%
$30.17 $27.94
Glass Owl Figurine Save 7%
$29.90 $27.94
Cast Iron Lantern Save 10%
$95.08 $85.66

Bonsai Accessories Figurines, Bonsai Pruning Tools and Bonsai Tool Kits

Bonsai Tools for Sale

A bonsai tree will certainly add aesthetics to your space whether home or work. However, to keep the tree flourishing, regular upkeep is important. We have a wide selection of supplies that you will need to groom your tree. Be it bonsai soil mix, fertilizer, or bonsai tools like shears and cutters. In addition we also have training pot and wire in case you want to shape your tree to a design and shape of your choice.

It is recommended that you lightly fertilize your tree every few weeks while you water your tree everyday. It may be a good idea to spray your tree from the top so that the leaves are wet and cleaned. A reliable moisture sensor can take the guesswork away when it comes to frequency of watering your tree.

Bonsai Inorganic Soil for Sale

Bonsai soil mixtures come with premixed ingredients for your decidious, and evergreen trees. Soil used for your bonsai plays an important role in providing free passage of air and water to the root system of your tree. This also provides a healthy environment for microbial activity necessary for the growth of the tree. Browse the selection of soil and soil mixes that we have for you. In case you need assistance please do not hestitate to drop us a note and we will get our bonsai expert to assist you. 

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