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Best Beginner Bonsai

Buy trees online and go green with the Bonsai @ GreenNBrown. It is not very difficult to have and care for a bonsai. We have a large selection of started bonsai trees for sale.

Décor your homes the natural way with our bonsai trees. We have collected a large variety of bonsai for your selection - fukien tea bonsai, blue japanese wisteria bonsai, japanese black pine bonsai trees, white pine bonsai, red maple bonsai tree, hinoki cypress bonsai, pink bonsai trees, bonsai cedar tree, jade tree bonsai, oak bonsai trees, bonsai banyan tree, redwood bonsai tree for sale, pines bonsai, cherry blossom bonsai tree, japanese red maple bonsai trees and pre bonsai trees for sale. 

Each tree is carefully and painstakingly packed to safely deliver to you. You can read reviews left by previous bonsai lovers on our site where they have appreciated the care we take in packing the trees. Trees need to be packed well so that they can withstand the temperature variances as well as shocks and trauma during transit. We do not ship live trees out towards the end of the week to avoid them sitting in transit over the weekend.

Once you recieve the tree, you may find that it may have lost some leaves or look pale. This is normal travel stress and the tree should be back to its vibrant self within a few days and with little care. Please do keep the tree in indirect sun and spray water keeping the soil moist. Please do not over water the bonsai tree as it may result in the leaves turning yellow. In any case the planter will drain access water out of the soil.

Bonsai Gifts

If you are trying to add vibrance to your home decor or add a little character to your workspace, a live tree is a great idea. This is usually a conversation point at kitchen counters, window sills and workdesks. Bonsai trees also make a great gift item. Go green with an eco friendly gift for your loved ones. We are sure you will be able to find just the right tree for any occassion. Else do drop us a note and we can recommend the right tree based on the occassion as well as the location where you intend to keep it. 

Bonsai Trees & Bonsai Tools Kit

We have over 800 different trees for you. Each of these trees are listed with all necessary information that you may need to make a purchase decision. On the listing pages you will find the image of the tree along with its botanical name and size. The tree sent to you is as close as possible to the picture on the listing page including the planter, however, in some cases the tree can look slightly different given that each tree is unique. We also try to match the pot as close to the one in the picture as possible for you.

Cheap Bonsai Pots for You

All our trees are potted in imported glazed ceramic pottery and we include landscape pebble rocks for you to decorate your tree to your taste. The tree comes with quality soil mix to give your tree good growth potential. A good sign of quality soli mixutre is its ability to retain moisture and drain access water. Our soil is loose and provides excellent ecosystem for healthy microbial activity too.

Bonsai Planter Tray

Along with your tree, you may need a humidity tray to keep under the planter. This is to contain the drained water from the pot. Also this tray can help stabilise the temperature around your tree if you leave some water on this drip tray. Some of our patrons also decorate this tray with additional pebbles to give character to the tree.

Large Bonsai Or Small - Understanding Measurements

When you are on the listing pages of the trees, you will find the sizes listed for each tree. We provide this information so that you know precisely what will be the height of the tree delivered to you and for you to estimate the space you may need to accommodate the tree. 

Bonsai trees are measured from the bottom of the pot to the top of the tree. This is a standard way to measure bonsai trees to include the root system which is a critical part of training the tree.

Artificial Bonsai Plant

Artificial or fake bonsai trees are essentially for patrons who love bonsai trees but dont have the time to take care of the tree. Bonsai may need regular watering and intermittent fertilising besides occassional pruning and shaping. If you think this is not what you can do, but still want a bonsai for yourself, browse our artificial bonsai collection. These are wire sculptures that have been crafted by artisans.

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