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Home Decor

Home decor ideas from hand embroidered wall hangings and recycled metal art to wood carved wall decor and ceramic art - all at one place. is the premiere source of fine quality home decor ideas and accessories. Our complete line of home decor products are preferred by designers and satisfied homeowners. Whether you're looking for modern or traditional home decor ideas and accessories,’s selection of hand made and eco-friendly items are designed to dramatically improve the look and feel of your abode. Shop today and purchase quality home decor accessories at unmatched prices and quality.
Small Zulu Herb Basket Save 6%
$12.61 $11.87
Ten Inch Metal Blue Frog Save 6%
$24.73 $23.27
Ocean Gourd Drum (Peru) Save 6%
$32.77 $30.83
Wood Egg Shaker (Bali) Save 6%
$17.62 $16.58
Party Animal Set Save 6%
$65.64 $61.74
Large Wingo Shaker (Peru) Save 6%
$17.62 $16.58
6-inch Sandalwood Bust Save 5%
$24.95 $23.70

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