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Eco Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry

GreenNBrown is home to fashionable handcrafted jewelry that is skilfully handmade by artisans worldwide. Each piece in our collection of handmade jewelry is carefully designed to accentuate a woman's individuality and style. You will find a large selection of reasonably priced handcrafted jewelry, whether you desire elegant silver handcrafted necklace for an evening, colorful beaded handcrafted jewelry to brighten up your day or beautiful glass pendant for a special occasion. Our entire collection of handcrafted jewelry is ethically sourced, and fair traded ensuring that fair wages are paid for your product.
Wire Bicycle Pin Save 6%
$10.55 $9.93
Filigree Rain Earrings Save 6%
$20.69 $19.47
Onyx On Wing Brass Bangle Save 6%
$45.94 $43.22
X Squared Onyx Cuff Save 6%
$45.94 $43.22
Tiger Eye Bloom Cuff Save 6%
$45.94 $43.22
Bicycle Earrings Save 6%
$10.55 $9.93

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