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Wally's Candle Herbal (2 Candles) 2 Candles Save 10%
$13.21 $11.90
Aloha Bay Palm Tapers Red (4 Candles) 4 Candles Save 7%
$17.42 $16.13
Wally's Candle Herbal (4 Candles) 4 Candles Save 8%
$17.62 $16.17
Aloha Bay Palm Tapers Royal Blue (4 Candles) 4 Candles Save 7%
$17.26 $16.13
Wally's Candle Lavender (2 Candles) 2 Candles Save 17%
$14.28 $11.90
Aloha Bay Palm Tapers Violet (4 Candles) 4 Candles Save 13%
$18.55 $16.13
Aloha Bay Votive Candle Love (12x2 Oz) 12 Pack Save 15%
$35.78 $30.58
Wally's Candle Lavender (4 Candles) 4 Candles Save 11%
$18.27 $16.17
Aloha Bay Palm Tapers White (4 Candles) 4 Candles Save 5%
$16.93 $16.13
Wally's Candle Plain (12 Candles) 12 Candles Save 17%
$38.20 $31.83
Candles add to the beauty of any place. Your are sure to love our wide variety of perfect candles- votives, pillar candles, soy light candles, tealight candles, decorative candles etc. Candles are available in various sizes, shapes and scents.

Decorative Candles

Our decorative candles are hand crafted by our talented artisans in South Africa.These candles are inspired by African design and culture. Attention to detail and the creativity of the artists is reflected in the intricate design of these high quality candles. These candles will accentuate decor of your home. A great fair trade gift for friends and family for holiday season!

Pillar Candles

Pillar Candles - suitable for any occasion, come in elegant African inspired designs. These glamorous, hand painted candles are gorgeous in color and design. These stylish pillar candles make a great centre piece. With a long burn time, these last longer than ordinary candles. With varied shapes, designs and colors of the pillar candles, create a versatile candle arrangement as focal point of your room.

Tea light Candles

Tea light Candles will set perfect mood for any occasion. Tea light candles are small candles commonly available, a great way to add scent, color and glow to your home. Tea light candles arranged with pillar candles will make a style statement.

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