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Dish Garden With Three Bonsai Trees

Dish Garden

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Tabletop Bonsai Garden - 4 Yrs Old

Small and cute, this tabletop garden features 3 different bonsai trees with a handsome rock to give a realistic look. Ideal for office desktop and equally good at home.

The trees are 4-5 yrs old and about 9-11 inches tall

Please note: During winters shipping of tender trees may have to be temporally delayed due to cold temperatures either in originating or its final destination. Tender trees subject to low, overnight temperatures below 30 degrees during transit may freeze and this may adversely impact the health of the tree. We will send a shipping notice once it is in transit so you know when to expect it
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Lohlaa - If I purchase this bonsai dish garden, would I get one that looks exactly like this one in this picture as advertized? Are these real living bonsai and not artificial or preserved?

GreenNBrown - These are living trees and the dish garden will be very close to the one you see in the image. We are sure you appreciate that these being living trees each grown by hand may have variations from the image on the listing page, however please be assured it will be as close as we can make it

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