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Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water Gallon
6X1 Gal Each

6 Pack
Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water Gallon 6x1 GAL each

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We Bottle At The Spring Source: Water Is Drawn Directly From The Spring And Bottled. Product Details Qty: 6x1 GAL Weight (lbs): 6.86 UPC: 0075140005154...
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We Bottle At The Spring Source: Water Is Drawn Directly From The Spring And Bottled.

Product Details

  • Qty: 6x1 GAL
  • Weight (lbs): 6.86
  • UPC: 0075140005154
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Crystal Geyser
  • Spring Water
A_Packing Quantity:
  • 1 Gal

Great taste

I get this water in gallon jugs at the dollar store. This is really good and cheap water. It tests as very soft at 22 ppm of total dissolved solids or about 1.3 GPG of hardness. Highly recommended. Apparently there are multiple sources for this water. My review was for the South Carolina source. I bought some which came from a spring in New York. That water tests much harder and tastes different. I could tell the difference and wondered why. Then I read the bottle and saw it was coming from a different place than before. It's still a good deal if you can get it for $1.00 per gallon at the dollar store.

With the documented lowest amount of fluoride, which is naturally occurring here and no tan additive.Fresh clean taste, very consistent, never had a bad bottle, and the best thing about CrystalGeyser....you can get it locally at any Dollar store for a buck. Likewise, bargain hunters wil lfind 24 packs (16oz bottles) at Big Lots for $3. Unbeatable.Just say no to Nestle and these other global brands that wow us with marketing while at thesame time trying to claim worldwide water rights.
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Natural Spring water is advertised in a way that when we read  the term “Spring Water”, our mind starts to imagine pristine snowcapped mountains, streams, rivers and wildlife. However natural Spring Water could mean anything that has its source underground (i.e. spring) and not surface.

Spring Water not necessarily is bottled at its source. The water from the source is collected in large tankers and transported to locations where it is bottled. Measures are taken to protect water in the tankers against bacteria. At the bottling facility spring water is further treated, ozonized to remove floating particles and impurities, before it is packaged into bottles and reaches you.

(Please note that this is a related article for your reading pleasure. This in no way should be interpreted as product description or claims in relation to this product)

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