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Chinese elm Bonsai (Ulmus Parvifolia) Curved Trunk

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Chinese elm Bonsai (Ulmus Parvifolia) Tiered Curved Trunk Style - Large

The elegantly styled chinese elm bonsai with tiered, curved trunk, displays the expertise of our bonsai artist. Alternating clustered leaves on thick, exfoliating trunk make it strikingly beautiful.

Endemic to south-east Asian countries Japan, China and Korea, Chinese elm is one of the most desired choices for the Japanese art of bonsai. A semi - evergreen tree with tiny deep green foliage, speckled dark reddish-gray bark, grows naturally into a canopy with excellent shade ability. The gracefully arched swaying branches of chinese elm trees are covered with indented, tiny, deep green foliage. Elm trees are versatile and ideal for landscaping.
Chinese elm is commonly known as ‘lacebark elm’. It’s biological name is ulmus parvifolia.

Chinese elm Bonsai Care

Chinese elm bonsai enjoys full sun to partial shade but needs protection from frost during winters. The bonsai needs to be kept indoors from frost free room. Regularly water your chinese elm for best results. As a vigorous grower, ulmus parvifolia needs to be repotted every two years. Repotting is advisable during spring. It responds well to frequent pruning and trimming and can be easily shaped and trained with normal wires.


  • 12 years old
  • 13 inches tall
  • Biological name: Ulmus Parvifolia

Please note: During winters shipping of tender trees may have to be temporally delayed due to cold temperatures either in originating or its final destination. Tender trees subject to low, overnight temperatures below 30 degrees during transit may freeze and this may adversely impact the health of the tree. We will send a shipping notice once it is in transit so you know when to expect it


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