Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - Extra Large Curved Trunk Style (Ulmus Parvifolia)

Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree - Extra Large Curved Trunk Style - Ulmus Parvifolia

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Has small evergreen leaves. Hardy with excellent branching characteristics. Has a twisted trunk and some exposed roots which give the appearance of great age. Semi-deciduous 14 years old, 13" - 14" tall
  • Elm
  • Curved
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Arlene - I live in the Northeast and the winter gets cold. We have a wood burning stove in the room where I would want to put a bonsai plant. Can you please make a recommendation? I am also thinking of getting a bonsai for our conference room. What could you recommend that is easy care?

GreenNBrown - We have several indoor recommendations for you that are easy to take care of and are very suitable for indoor situations. Along with the tree we also send detailed care instructions that are easy to follow. Please browse through our collection at the following link

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