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Largest selection of professionally trained trees to choose from.
Juniper, Flowering, Fruiting, Preserved, Elms, Singles, Forests

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Bonsai Trees


Hardy and easy to train.
Junipers are our most sold trees.

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Ceramic Pots

Our imported ceramic pots come in several styles and make a great conversation piece while pairing nicely with your bonsai.

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Ceramic Bonsai pots

Hawaiian Umbrella

A great place to start if you’re an amateur or beginner in gardening.
Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai is both low maintenance and very aesthetically pleasing

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Hawaiian Umbrella

Bonsai Soil Mixes

Find your premixed and ready to pot bonsai soil.
Optimised for your tree growth

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Bonsai Soil


What is a great bonsai without a figurine?
Handpicked just to make your bonsai look all the more exclusive

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Ceramic Figurines

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Fukien Tea - Large - - Bonsai Trees

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The Ficus Benjamina is an indoor tropical bonsai tree that is easy to care for. The Benjamina has evergreen leaves with a splash of yellow which is called...
Sub Category:Large
Species:Ficus, Benjamina
$61.85 $88.73 You save: $26.88
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Japanese Green Maple Bonsai Tree - Large(acer palmatum) 7 Years Old Hardy and easy to grow, this delicate Maple will look great on a patio, deck or...
Sub Category:Large, Japanese
$65.67 $95.94 You save: $30.27
20 item(s)
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Japanese Juniper Bonsai Large - Fishing Scene In A Water Bonsai Pot (procumbens nana) A large Japanese Juniper Bonsai miniaturized with live...
Sub Category:Large
$74.90 $104.03 You save: $29.13
20 item(s)
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