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Bonsai Starter Kit - Make Your Own Juniper Procumbens

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Bonsai Tree Starter Kit - Make Your Own Juniper Procumbens

A perfect bonsai starter kit for those keen on learning to make their own bonsai. The bonsai tree starter kit is inclusive of all necessary components needed for creating your perfect bonsai.

Bonsai kit includes:

  • An artistically styled Juniper tree (3 Years old) 5 inches tall
  • Accompanied with tree is a gorgeous, imported glazed ceramic bonsai pot
  • Additional annealed copper training wire will let you shape and train the bonsai your way
  • Much needed the right conifer mix bonsai soil
  • Fiberglass drainage hole covers
  • To enhance the appeal of your bonsai, it arrives with multi-colored, rough textured rock
  • A comprehensive guide with complete instructions on potting, training, pruning and maintaining your bonsai
  • A ceramic miniature figurine will arrive for decorating the bonsai
  • Humidity drip tray to provide extra moisture that your bonsai might need
  • Use plastic plant marker to write a message or describe your bonsai


Japanese Juniper trees is one of the most popular choices for bonsai. It is hardy by nature, with compact foliage it can easily be trained into many styles. Proper juniper bonsai care can increase it’s life to many years. Perfect for outdoors, it enjoys partial sun and moist weather conditions.


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