Bonsai Pots

Pots add completness and context to a bonsai just like a frame does to a work of art.
We have a wide variety of pots for your to choose from.

Bonsai Pots with Tray

Bonsai pots

Unglazed Pots

Unglazed pots are our bestsellers.
They are very popular with evergreen varities of junipers and conifers.

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Unglazed Bonsai pots

Ceramic Pots

Our imported ceramic pots come in several styles and make a great conversation piece while pairing nicely with your bonsai.

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Ceramic Bonsai pots

Glazed Pots

Glazed pots go well with flowering bonsai.
They make a great gift too

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Unglazed Bonsai pots

Bonsai Soil Mixes

Find your premixed and ready to pot bonsai soil.
Optimised for your tree growth

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Bonsai Soil


What is a great bonsai without a figurine?
Handpicked just to make your bonsai look all the more exclusive

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Ceramic Figurines

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