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All Natural Original Oat Bar - Bobo's Oat Bars
12x3 Oz Each

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Bobo's Oat Bars All Natural Original Oat Bar 12x3 Oz Each

Qty: 12x3 Oz each

Weight (lbs): 26.72

UPC: 0829262000012

Manufacturer: Bobo's Oat Bar


I love these bars. They taste great, and a nice consistency, and don't make you feel like you need to drink a gallon of water afterwards like some other bars. They are kind of high in calories, but they are great to keep around in emergencies, especially for a vegan like myself!
VERY happy with Bobo's Oat bars. I have tried a few of the flavors and find them all quite yummy. Vegan (as far as I can tell) and great source of energy. Not loaded with sugar or added fats like many other bars. You can get these for $3.95 apiece at REI. I used these on a recent 400+ mile, 7 day bicycle ride, and they kept me going and going and going...
I have tried a few different flavors and this is by far my favorite. The cranberry/orange is a close second. The original is a bit boring. I like these as a breakfast item with my starbucks in the am.
Very tasty, quality healthy snack. Easy to take on hikes & is a rewarding treat to have at the summit. Comfortable knowing it's locally made with care & quality ingredients.
WTH!?! I loved these bars when I purchased them recently from Whole Foods. The price per bar was a bit steep so I ventured onto Google to see if I could purchase in bulk at a discount. That quick internet search revealed that a 2010 Food Safety News Article warns against dirty and unsafe manufacturing conditions.
The Coconut flavor is pleasantly sweet. (And Gluten-Free Apple Pie? Simply divine.)Both flavors I've tried are very moist and chewy yet not sugary sticky like Quaker granola bars. They remind me of a very good homemade granola bar, in that they aren't perfectly and densely compressed and don't taste like a candy bar made of oats. That said, if part of one does get crumbly, be careful since that could signal a cascading collapse of a significant portion.These 3 oz retail packaged ones are about perfect to share for a pre-hike pick-me-up.
These things are great! I don't like the granola-like crunchiness of most oatmeal bars, but these are soft. No high fructose corn syrup or other unnatural, unhealthy stuff. Can't say enough good things!
These are delicious! My problem is that I can't seem to eat only half a bar, which is the serving size. I'm afraid if I keep getting them I won't be able to stop eating them!
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