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Black Metal Art

Our unique collection of handmade metal wall art from Haiti is made from recycled oil barrels. Each metal wall decor is a fine piece of hand work by our talented artisans. The black metal art pieces are inspired from historical events to relationship between nature and animals to contemporary art. Our broad range of outdoor metal wall art demonstrates intricate design and patterns showing the talent of our skilled artisans.
Haitian Metal Peasant Band Wall Hanging - Oil Drum Art Save 13%
$81.64 $70.99
Hand Painted Sun Metal Wall Art Save 13%
$110.39 $95.99
Eight Inch Metal Gecko Florida Design Save 13%
$21.26 $18.49
Sun Face - Drum Art - 24 inch - Haiti - Fair Trade Save 13%
$103.49 $89.99
Eight Inch Pink Metal Gecko Save 13%
$21.26 $18.49
Flowers Metal Wall Art 15-inch Diameter Save 13%
$64.39 $55.99
Fish Bones Metal Art Save 13%
$87.39 $75.99
Fair Trade Handmade Iron Fish Door Knocker Save 13%
$73.59 $63.99

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