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Deluxe Shells & Aged Wisconsin Cheddar - Annie's
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Deluxe Shells & Aged Wisconsin Cheddar - Annie's

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As A Creamy, Deluxe Version Of Annie's Wisconsin Cheddar Mac, Creamy Deluxe Shells & Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar Sauce Is Made With Certified-Pasta And Real Cheddar Cheese. And It's Easy-Just Cook The Pasta And Squeeze In The Creamy Cheese.

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  • Qty: 12x11 Oz each
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Annie's Homegrown
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  • 11 Oz

Wow, we've never had so much Macaroni and Cheese in a long time! And Annie's is really, really good. This doesn't need additional milk or butter, and the sauce is an easy-to-squeeze out paste in a foil package. It tastes great, and makes a great receptacle for some creativity of your own too.Tips to enjoy it:- Just boil in plenty of water, the six-cup requirement is a minimum.- Drain quickly, put the pasta back in the hot pot. The remaining heat is just right to melt the thick cheesy sauce into the macaroni. Don't rinse the pasta in cold water, it will make it hard for the sauce to combine well.- All the Deluxe versions are animal rennet free. Annie's FAQ is very specific about which ones use vegetable rennet (not all do). I tag the really vegetarian ones "animal rennet-free" whenever I can.- Try blending sundried tomatoes, a fresh tomato, olive oil, garlic, pizza peppers, salt, freshly ground pepper, and a touch of balsamic vinegar into a paste. This really complements the mac and cheese and gives it a new, gourmet taste that still doesn't take away from the "mac and cheesiness" of it.- Tabasco Chipotle sauce makes a great addition for the adventurous. The smoky taste is tempered by the creaminess.

This is the last of the three (elbows with four cheese, shells with aged wisconsin cheddar) that I tried, and I think it's better than the other two. In all, each variation is excellent, but this white cheddar sauce is excellent and has a very distinct flavor.My favorite addition to this is mushroom slices (or whole small mushrooms) seared in butter and garlic. After letting them pick up a golden brown in the frying pan, I douse them with vegetable broth, just to get the flavor stuck to the pan off it, and mix all that into the rotini and cheese sauce. Mmmmm.

I absolutely love this mac and cheese it is different from any other 'squeeze cheese' style of mac and cheese i've had as the cheese is white. The cheese is soooo good. I highly recomend this pasta. And i really know my macaroni and cheese i consider myself something of a macaroni and cheese conesiur ( i've tried nearly every kind of macaroni and cheese there is and this is by far my favorite. This is excellent and i've turned my friends onto this macaroni. Now when they go to the store they are also buying it. Just give it a try you won't regret it.

Annie's Creamy Deluxe Shells & Real Aged Wisconsin Cheddar is made with all vegetarian ingredients and even organic pasta. The sauce is made from cheddar cheese, cream, whey, dry milk, natural flavors and annatto for color.The 12-ounce box is enough for two to six people depending on how hungry you are at the time. We serve this as a side dish with many meals and normally can get about four to six servings from one box.When making the pasta, use a large stockpot filled halfway with water because if you even use a medium to large saucepan, it might boil over. The instructions say to use a medium saucepan, but I can't recommend that personally as it always boils over. Once you have the pasta cooked, all you do is add the packet of creamy delish cheese sauce.This is probably the only box of macaroni and cheese with information on where to get a "Be Green" bumper sticker. I also like the cute "Rabbit of Approval" sticker on the Annie's Homegrown products. They are all delicious and you feel good eating such a healthy product.

Annie's Deluxe macaroni and cheese comes with a pouch of cheese sauce, which tastes better than any dry powder variety and it is quicker to mix. Regardless of how thoroughly I mix the cheese powder, milk and butter, the dry powder varieties do not taste as good as Annie's Deluxe. Our 3 year old really enjoys Annie's Deluxe and I feel better offering her this rather than Kraft macaroni and cheese. Even if the taste wasn't as good as Kraft, I would choose Annie's since the ingredients are natural and some are organic. Kraft uses artificial color in their dry powder macaroni and cheese, though I don't think they do in their deluxe version. Kids (and adults) don't need artificial colors!I would give Annie's Deluxe a 5 if they would reduce the sodium content and make a Deluxe version that included whole wheat pasta and was ALL organic (currently only some of the dry powder versions are all organic). And while I am creating my dream version, I would give Annie's a 10 if they would enrich it with some calcium and other vitamins and make a whole wheat bunny shape version! :) My big hangup is that the sodium is too high (like all the other brands). It would still taste great with a lot less salt (if kids are not given high sodium in the first place, their taste buds don't crave it). Unless pasta is whole wheat (or other whole grain), there isn't much nutrition in it, so whole wheat pasta that is enriched is the way to go! Annie's offers many varieties that include some of the improvements I am looking for, but it would be great if they would include them all in one version.Boxed macaroni and cheese is truly junk food no matter who the manufacturer, but Annie's is doing great things to make it better.

I used to pick these up 3 or 4 at a time at Whole Foods because it is THE best tasting mac n cheese out there. I love the whole wheat flavour and the organic cheese is very rich and delicious. It's ridiculously easy to make and doesn't make a mess. I'm glad I can get them in bulk for less now.
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