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Lentil Soup - Amy's Kitchen
12x14.5 Oz Each

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Amy's Kitchen Lentil Soup 12x14.5 Oz Each

Qty: 12x14.5 Oz each

Weight (lbs): 30.03

UPC: 0042272005024

Manufacturer: Amy's

Speciality Info: Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free


Amy's lentil soup is protein packed , delicious, natural food in convenient form. Its suitable for all vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers. Its light has texture and tastes extra delicious when cooked with extra herds and vegetables. We eat a lot of this soup, with free shipping its cheaper here than local grocery store and also we don't have to lug all the cans home from the store.
The best lentil soup I've tasted so far. When I heat it at work, people can't stop but comment about the smell, Its delicious and appreciate that it is gluten free.
Amy's is the only soup I know of that uses first pressed olive and not other cheap oils. I like Amy's lentil soup, but other soups are also very good, my favorite being Amy's Southwestern Vegetable Soup. But I don't find all the soups listed here.
Always read labels when you are purchasing a product. "low sodium Soup" beware of it. Its only low as compared other Amy's that have upto 680 sodium. What do you think of a company that embraces organic but is killing its customers with sodium. This can has two srvings. Amy's is as bad as Fresh Market. Always read labels before making a decision!
I tried Amy's organic soup at a friends place and was surprised how delicious it was. So I bought a pack from local grocery store and prepared for dinner. My very health -consciuos daughter asked me if I had checked whether the lining of the soup cans was free from BPA. So I called the customer service of the manufacturer to find out that it did have "small amount " of BPA. I was shocked that even healthy organic products can be packaed in unhealthy containers, so I gave up after that and never ordered it again. From what I have read, even small amount of BPA is not good and can cause cancer, heart problems.
I am so glad to have found Amy's organic lentil soup here @greennbrown. Its may favorite soup. Its light and good for in between meals, not too heavy. My family loves the smell when its cooking. The low sodium version is even better. I love Amy's soups.
I was not so eager to try this soup
I do buy and like some of Amy's products. But this lentil soup probably is not gluten free. My doctor husband has celiac disease , had this soup and had gluten reaction for two days. I am always on a look out for gluten-free product for my husband. Lot of commercially prepared gluten free products have other things and additives that react with gluten. These things need to be prepared from scratch at home. Also the sodium is terrible in this.
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