American Awareness for ‘Fair Trade’ on the Rise but Products Hard to Find discovers Green N Brown

by sapan Agarwal

(July 21st, 2010) - Fair Trade is a commercial approach to help marginalized producers of goods get better and fairer returns. This approach also advocates social and environmental standards to promote sustainability.

A recent survey conducted by Green N Brown ( discovers that awareness level for ‘Fair Trade’ among American consumers is on the rise. Nonetheless most consumers reported difficulty in finding products that are fair traded.

“Over 62 percent respondents were able to recall ‘fair trade’ top-of-mind, however almost half of them have had difficulties finding these products while they shopped in the past”, says Green N Brown Evangelist & CEO Naina Vaish, “this is a great validation of what we have been advocating over the years – while there is a lot of discussion around fair trade and sustainability, availability of products is yet to catch up. And this is the very reason we saw the need to make these products available to American consumers through Green N Brown.”

The survey also identified that majority of consumers seeking fair trade products are women aged between 30 yrs to 50 yrs. Assuming that women may be the key decision makers for households when it comes to shopping, this may indicate that more and more families are seeking fair trade products in line with the growing awareness for sustainability and environmental stewardship besides contributing to the fair trade movement.

“While mainstream and alternative retail outlets are catching up to the demand, they are usually limited by location. We at Green N Brown decided to serve the entire nation by launching an online store that addresses the root issue of availability,” concludes Vaish, “today consumers are comfortable buying over the internet in a safe and conducive environment from the comforts of their home, Green N Brown provides just that.”

About the Survey

512 Americans participated in the survey conducted in 2009-2010. Respondents represented the four regions throughout the US in equal quotas: Midwest, Northeast, South, and West. All age groups and genders are near equally represented.

About Green N Brown

Green N Brown, an E-Market for sustainable and low eco-impact products, is a one stop shop for Greener Future. At Green N we provide the best information and enjoyable shopping experience to our eco shoppers by offering a wide range of GREEN (eco-friendly) and BROWN (organic), hence Green N Brown.

We are committed to becoming the world's most trusted brand of environmentally safe and responsible products for a healthy lifestyle. To know more please visit



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